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5 Best AI Apps for iPhone and Android in 2024



AI tools for your mobile device can help you with so many different tasks , everything from photo editing to helping you with your grammar .And today I’m gonna give you five amazing choices for AI tools that you can use on your iPhone or Android device .Let’s waste no time and jump right into it .




First up on our list is Grammarly , Grammarly keyboard is an A I powered writing assistant that helps you edit and improve your grammar , spelling , punctuation and even vocabulary . The app also includes a tool for finding synonyms which in vocabulary and spelling skills among other tools that help improve overall communication .


The Grammarly mobile app is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their writing skills , whether they are students professionals or simply looking to communicate more effectively . If you want to try it for yourself , they provide a free option with basic checks and a premium plan starts at $12 per month .Now , I have some really awesome tools to cover today. And if you want to check any of them out , go down into the video description below . They’re gonna find links for all of them so you can try them for yourself .

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Now , if you do decide to make a purchase using any of these links , we may receive a commission which goes to help support our team in all of our ad free videos . Next up is auto dot A IO dot A I does more than just record meetings . It records and transcribes audio takes notes , captures slides and generates real time summaries . It works within Zoom Google Meet Microsoft teams and in person meetings .


It also offers annotation , sharing search and editing features , auto dot A I makes it easy to record and transcribe conversations so that you can easily document and archive your dialogues . It’s a powerful transcription and note taking app that provides productivity and efficiency for students professionals and anyone who needs to take notes frequently , they also offer a free version with 300 monthly transcription minutes and 30 minutes per conversation . They also have a paid plan which starts at $10 per month which includes team features , advanced search and export options as well as playback functionality up .


Lensa AI


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Lisa AI is a versatile photo editing tool for portrait selfies . It offers various filters and user friendly features , simplifying the editing process . It also allows you to turn your portraits into realistic and fantastical avatars in various art styles and it’s perfect for social media gaming and personal work lens AI is best for anyone who wants to AI to enhance and edit their photos , create stunning avatars and add creative effects to their faces and bodies .
Now , if you want to try it for yourself , you can download LS at AI for free , which lets you edit photos though , if you want to make use of the magic avatar feature that will require a paid subscription. 


Perplexity AI


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AI Perplexity is a fantastic app that helps you find reliable and current answers with guided AI search , voice and text queries , threaded discussions for deeper insights , cited sources , community learning and a personal library . Perplexity makes accessing knowledge effortless and enhances your understanding .


Perplexity A I saves you time and hassle by providing sources for all of its information so that you can verify it’s accurate and reliable perplexity . AI can be used by students , professionals , researchers and anyone who wants to access and process information from the real world , generate text and translate languages .


They do offer a free plan for you to check out with limitations and a pro subscription starts at $20 a month . And finally , we have Socratic by Google.

Socratic by Google


Socratic is a free learning app by Google that uses AI to help high school and college students with their school work , just ask it a question and it will find the best online resources to help you understand the topic .


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They cover many subjects including math , science , history , and English . By using just your mobile camera to ask questions . Socratic can help you learn all sorts of different subjects and even better . is entirely free and no paid subscription is necessary .
So there you have five amazing A I tools that you can use on your iPhone or Android device before you go though .
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