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5 Ways Designers are Making Money With Ai



Is a I just another trendy hype or is it an actual tool that can help you make more money as a designer ? I think the answer is yes , it can help you make more money as a designer . And on this video , I’m going to show you five different ways in which AI can help you today earn more money . Now , I’m a big believer in the fact that if you adopt new tools earlier on it can give you an edge in the marketplace for me personally , I started using web flow eight years ago where everybody was even , you know , cared about this . And this literally gave me kind of like a superpower which translated into making more money .I think the same is happening with A I tools today .


AI Art As A Service


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Not necessarily because I want you to sell your art on fiver , but just to show you that the fact that there are so many people here that are basically selling concept art done by AI and people are actually buying it . This basically just show you that there is demand for this , right ? And just like people are hiring photographers , people are hiring illustrators , whether they’re it on fiver upwork or just like any other freelancer , it just shows you that there is a demand for this in the marketplace and there is a new basically profession which is AI artist that is going to help create images and concept art and you can be selling these today .


Now , the second thing that I want to show you is this website that is called prompt based . And basically what this website is is uh designers who have created it .They found out because they played around with the tool , they find out good prompts to create certain type of imagery . So for example , this goldish art deco logo , they’ve nailed down the exact prompt .


Selling Prompts


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And now they’re basically selling these prompts to people who want to generate art that is similar to this .So this is designers developing some kind of a style using AI and then they’re selling it and you can basically come here and sell your prompts after you’ve played around experimented came up with some the new and original and now you can go ahead and sell it in this marketplace .


So this can be a really nice way to kind of generate passive income while you’re doing other design work .The third idea that I want to show you is print now , print is basically a print on demand . So that basically means that you can manufacture things like t-shirts with your own designs , hats or these kind of like different merge . And you can basically set up Ecommerce shop and sell your stuff , right ? And so what I’ve seen is a lot of people are now starting to create all these kind of like very cool A I art and then just basically create fashion brands that are based on these creations that they have done .


AI Art Merch Store


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So one thing that you can start doing today is create art and then turn that into a fashion brand and sell it on your own e-commerce shop . The fourth way that I want to show you is Adobe Stock . So one thing that is possible and the photographers and illustrators have been doing this for years is they’re creating stuff and they’re selling it to stock website , which is basically a website that allows people to purchase stock , you know , photography, vector art and illustration and stuff like that . And Adobe Stock are actually the first one that are open to people selling to them stuff that they have created using A I tools .


Now , there are terms and conditions and you should not be infringing on somebody’s particular style and stuff like that . But you basically can play around with AI tools , create beautiful work and then sell it to Adobe stock so that other people can then purchase it and use it in their own design work .


Selling AI Art Stock


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And the fifth way that I want to talk to you about is basically when you as a designer doing projects for clients , you can sell them this creation of the imagery for their project , whether it’s a branding or a website design as an extra service .


So I’ll give you an example when I was building websites for clients doing stuff like photography or videography for my clients , sometimes I would go ahead and hire external professionals to do that , but sometimes I would just offer them my services and instead of paying an external freelancer , I would take the take the extra money because it’s an extra service right to generate imagery or videos for their website . And you can do the same with AI art .


So if you are generating AI art for their website , instead of purchasing stock photography or hiring uh a photographer , for example , you can then Upsell them on this extra service of generating visuals for their project and make more money for your design projects .

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