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Best Must-Have AI Tools for Creators _ Edit Like a PRO!


It may be true that AI is coming for your job , what if I told you there is a way to protect yourself right now ? I believe that ai presents a great opportunity for digital creators and video makers . the only way to stay ahead of ai is to use it . and I’m gonna show you some amazing ai tools you can use right now to level up your creativity and speed up your process . we’re talking script writing , voice recording , color grading and even camera operating, and i’ll explain that in just a minute .first on our list is a really powerful ai called 11laps voice cloning, it lets you use your voice as a sample and then turn text into speech that sounds just like you, and here’s a quick sample of how it sounds after cloning my own voice . I’m really not sure how to feel about this . as dangerous as it seems , I appreciate that this technology can be used to fill in missing parts of a voiceover script without having to re-record . how wild is that ?


Browser-based editing suite


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This is still the real me talking and I want to tell you guys about runwayml . This is an awesome content creation suite you can use right in your browser . you can easily remove backgrounds from videos and their in-painting feature lets you remove any object from any video with a few simple brush strokes . text to color grade is another great feature that allows you to color grade your videos by typing in a few words . yep , you heard that right .super slow motion automatically generates new frames to convert low frame rate footage into a smooth slow motion video . the most impressive feature of runway is its video generation tool gen1 . it makes it possible to generate new stylized videos out of existing ones .you can use an image or text prompt to apply the style and composition to your source video and create something fresh . not only that , but you can also turn mockups into stylized animations or untextured 3d models into a finished scene .


Super easy all-in-one editor


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 You can check out runwayml’s other AI tools like the one that trims out the silent parts of audio tracks and their efficient and accurate subtitle generator .speaking of efficiency , check out descript .it’s an ai-powered editor that’s fun and super easy to use . with features such as automatic transcription , you can edit your videos like a text document , arrange visuals as you would on a presentation slide , and use transcriptions to quickly find and delete unwanted sections .plus , you can fix bad audio with a simple toggle that makes it sound like you recorded in the studio and remove filler words with just a click .and with the overdub feature , you can create a text-to-speech module of your voice , similar to 11labs voice cloning .here’s another automated editing software that will blow your mind .it’s called invideo ai and it works like this .simply describe your idea in the form of a text prompt . an invideo ai will decode that into a script .


Idea to video: automated editing (InVideoAI)


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It will then collect footage from a stock library , align it with the script , add voiceover , it can create a finished video for you with minimal effort .invideo ai has recently been announced and is expected to be released soon . I’ll include a link to it in the video description once it’s available so make sure you check it out .let’s take a few steps back and talk about the planning stage . we’ve all heard of chatgpt and how it basically infiltrated every industry including video production . you can use it to find ideas for video content and create scripts such as screenplays , dialogue and voiceovers , i’m a huge fan of using it to quickly turn bullet point ideas into captivating scripts with vibrant language . I usually combine chatGpt with notion ai , I can ask it to improve a sentence , change its tone , make it longer or simplify it , then it’s almost like having a personal copywriter by my side .


Stable Diffusion for Ideation


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If you shoot films or commercials and want to visualize your ideas , stable diffusion is an amazing ai model that can generate images from text prompts . just like mid-journey or dolly , stable diffusion is great for creating storyboards and producing images of sets and landscapes making it ideal for brainstorming . on top of that it can be used to create animations or stylized outputs from a video source .if you want to learn how to do it , i have an in-depth tutorial on my channel , so be sure to check it out .now let’s go back to the future and talk about post-production .topaz video ai is an incredible upscaling software that uses machine learning to increase the quality of your videos .it can transform low resolution footage into 4k and 8k videos .its ai model can sharpen videos , reduce motion blur , stabilize shaky footage and eliminate noise .i use topaz video ai all the time and the results are always impressive .


Adobe AI library


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I’m so excited to see if they’re going to add a colorizing feature in the future . until then , i’ve got another great video tutorial on how to colorize old black and white footage automatically using adobe’s neural filters . speaking of adobe , the industry giant is revolutionizing the game with its own ai library of tools called adobe sensei .content-aware fill for video in after effects helps you quickly remove unwanted objects from a scene .auto-reframe is a built-in feature in premiere pro that automatically identifies and maintains important subjects in the frame when switching to different aspect ratios .and podcast’s vocal enhancer removes noise from voice recordings .so you can go from something that sounds like this to a clean audio that sounds professional . when recording audio for podcasts or interviews , you often end up with a lot of silent pauses , but timebolt makes it easy to remove them .


Remove silence from video and audio


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You can use it to automatically edit out the silence from long videos and podcasts , giving viewers a smoother , more enjoyable viewing experience .timebolt also works with adobe premiere pro and if you decide to add it to your workflow , use the link below and copy my code for 20% off your purchase .next on today’s list is lalal ai , a tool that runs inside your browser .you can feed audio into it and extract separated vocals , drums and other stems without any loss of quality .you can use it to remove background noise and music , leaving you with a clear voice .this can be beneficial in ensuring that you don’t run into any music copyright issues when uploading videos that had music playing in the background .at the start of this video , i mentioned ai for camera operating .that’s where an app called luma AI comes in .

NeRF scanning and Cinematic videos


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It uses a technique called nurf to generate highly realistic 3d models and scenes with just a simple video or a few pictures you can use your phone to capture products , objects and landscapes to create a 3d environment .the crazy part you can generate cinematic videos and recreate camera movements in post-production using keyframes .although the details aren’t perfect , luma labs is continually improving the app and it’s already quite impressive .as it gets better , i can see it being used creatively in music videos and even movies really soon .the app is available for ios but you can upload videos directly to their browser app from pretty much any device .
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