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You may be familiar with text to video generators like Piker labs or runway mel and most probably used to I generators like mid journey or Dally . They really doing a great job .But if you want to do all of this in one platform , you have to use another A I tool in today’s video , I will introduce a tool that can generate both images and videos .


Let’s dive in introducing lens go , a new powerful air platform for customized video and image creation .Unlike other limited air platforms , lens go functions as a truly holistic solution with unparalleled versatility through its integrated text to image , text to video , image , to image and video to video models .Lens go allows you to conceptualize in manifest content in any visual form . And the most fun fact is you can use it for free .Lets explore them one by one to start our journey . First , we have to create an account .


LensGo AI


video content Image generated by Wilowrid 


Now you can create an account with your book law , email account , set your user name , gender and career and then hit the start button . And now we are ready for our creator journey . All right , lets generate images with the Lensko image generator , select create image from here . And this is the image creator page .On the left side , you will find the image generation models .There are two core models , real and anime . You will notice some featured models also including fantasy Pixar , vintage comic 3d design , mosaic style game Mecca and others .


First , let’s generate images with a real cool model .After model options , you will find image dimensions or aspect ratio . You can generate images in almost in every dimension such as square portrait or landscape .Select your preferred one .I will select 69 or landscape .

How to Access?


video content Image generated by Wilowrid 


After that , the number of images you can generate up to four images at one time . Then the guidance scale , it will decide how strongly A I will follow your text prompt .After that the negative prompt here you can insert what you are not expecting in your image at the bottom of the page . You will find the text prompt box where we have to enter our prompt . Let’s try with a simple and short prompt . I will enter a cat playing with a rat after entering the prompt , hit the generate button from here .I will take some time .


Let’s skip this part . And here are our results lens goa generates four images for us and the results are really very good according to our prompt . If you are not satisfied with the result , you can regenerate it . If you want to download any image , just come to the image you want to download . You will notice a download icon here just hit this icon and the image will be saved on your device .


Text to Image AI


video content Image generated by Wilowrid 


Let’s try with another model .This time , I will try a featured model .Let’s go with the Pixar style .I will use a different prompt .This time lets hit the generate button and here is the result of Pixar style images result .But honestly these results are not up to mark .I was expecting more quality , full results .


Now let’s try image to image generation to do this .We have to upload a reference image , click on the upload image button from here .Now upload your reference image , I will upload an image of a hummingbird . After uploading the image , select the image style . This time I will select the fantasy scene as the featured model . Now enter a text prompt after all is set , hit the generate button and here are our results that’s looking very cool .


Text to Video AI


video content Image generated by Wilowrid 


Here is the original image Lensko keeps the same composition but changes the style in an outstanding way . I love these results . All of these images are really well craft , all right friends .Now let’s explore the video generation features of lens go A I come back to the home page and then select the animate video tool from here . Like image generation , you can select a model in the video generation process there is the aspect ratio option . Also after that , the video duration , if you select normal , then it will generate a two second long video . And if you select longer , then it will generate a four second long video . After that , the camera motion , you can utilize the camera motion . Also here you can select between zoom and out pan and rollback motion . Let’s select one of them .Now we have to enter a text prompt . This time I will try with a featured prompt from here . Let’s select this one .


video content Image generated by Wilowrid 


After selecting the prompt , hit the generate button , we have to wait some time for the result and here it is Lens go generates a four second long Pixar style video and the quality of the video is quite decent . 
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