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How To Use AI To Write Better Copy

Benefits of using AI


If you want to make your website compelling , then copywriting is essential .Whether you’re looking to build an entire ecommerce brand , running a small business or anything in between the copy on your website can either bring visitors in or shun them away .If you’re not using A I tools to help you with the copywriting process . Honestly , you’re doing yourself a disservice .There are so many tools that can become invaluable in helping you create the right copy for your website overall , using A I tools can bring a whole new level of efficiency to your writing process . This can help you save a ton of money as well as copy writers are expensive . If you get stuck with writer’s block , the right tools can help you find new creative ways to word your content .


Now , in all the examples I’m gonna be giving today , I’m primarily gonna be using ChatGPT and DIVI AI .But there are a ton of different awesome tools out there and choosing the right tool for your needs is incredibly important . There are a myriad of platforms that you can use to start creating content for your website . Writer is an A I powered writing platform with an extensive library of templates . This tool is an excellent choice for those who need a helping hand in creating your website copy with AI just .


Choosing the right AI tool


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Jasper is another really great choice which is touted as being the best overall AI writer . Jasper is one of the most popular AI writing platforms on the market . If you want to create highly optimized copy for your website , consider using this tool , right ? So is another super robust platform and its free version gives you more than enough words to start your A I content creation journey . There are so many tools out there , but those are just a few that you can check into . But let’s talk about a few ways you can utilize AI writers to improve your website’s copy .One awesome way you can use these tools is to be able to plan your content by creating an outline .


Having a plan with your copy is essential .Copy is one of the most important aspects of your website . And luckily ChatGPT does an excellent job of creating content outlines that you can use to build out the copy for each of your website’s pages .It’s also incredibly easy to use . For instance , you could tell it to write an outline for a landing page for whatever your company is . ChatGPT will then do a lot of the heavy lifting and give you a good basis . For creating an awesome outlet .


Creating captivating titles


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Something else you can do is create titles from your content out that we just created . Once you have your A I generated outline , you can dissect it and create titles for each landing page section .This gives you an excellent base to work with when you’re going to write your cop . Alternatively , you can use a tool like DIVI AI , which goes further in helping you create website copy with AI . You can start with a DV template of your own and take some of the dummy content out and then use A I to make copy that better matches your brain .While you’re building your pages , you can use A I to create text as you design . This can help you save so much time and energy and also create copy and page layouts simultaneously .


When creating titles with DIVI AI , you have a lot of options similar to other chat bots and ChatGPT . You can provide a text prompt for what you want to write . But what makes DIVI AI different from using external copywriting tools is that it can pull from your page section or even your module’s current context and use that to generate your new title . It even goes further in adding in a tone of voice .


Writing better body copy with AI


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You can also include any must use keywords within your titles , ensuring that your A I generated copy is seo friendly but using A I to help you with your copy , doesn’t just stop at titles . You can use this for content in your pages sections as well . Using ChatGPT for this is incredibly easy and you can tell it exactly what you want to do . For instance , you could tell it to create a one page funny mission statement that you can use within your about us section .You can do this for all of the content on your website and have your entire websites copy created in mere minutes without spending lots of money on hiring and vetting copywriters .


Frequently ask questions , blog posts , product descriptions and more can all be easily created with AI .Now . Similarly to when we were creating our titles , DIVI AI , I takes the step a bit further by understanding the nuance of your page design and website DIVI AI can create copy that flows well with all aspects of your website and not having to leave your page when you’re generating copy can save you a lot of headaches .Another thing you can use A I for is elevating your CT A’s appeal .


Creating more effective CTAs


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Call to actions are a necessary part of your website copy and without them , users may not know to join your email list , which buttons to press to purchase your product or how to book an appointment again . ChatGPT is easy for this .You can tell it to give you a compelling CT A for whatever your brand is .And once you have these , you can also refine them a bit more by making them shorter , longer or whatever you want just by telling ChatGPT what to do .Now , jumping back over to DIVI AI , we can use some of DIVI AI super popular modules like the email often module and the call to action module .While utilizing the power of AI within your email module .


DIVI AI is able to automatically generate an exciting headline button body and footer all within the module .It’s you’ll still have access to the same A I improvement tools and quick actions that are available in the text module used earlier .This alone is a super powerful feature of DIVI AI as captivating call to action modules can be incredibly important for your site while using A I .Though it’s super important to optimize and proofread your copy .


Closing thoughts and tips


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When you’re creating website , copy with A I , it makes the entire copywriting process more straightforward , but there may be times when you’ll need to make edits , it’s advisable to properly read through any copy that’s created by A I to ensure that your copy flows well and make sense to human readers .You never want to just copy and paste without reading through it .


Those are just a few of the basic simple things you can do utilizing A I when you’re writing your cop .Now , there is a very awesome blog post that I’m gonna link down in the video description , it goes more into depth on a lot of ways you can utilize A I and has a lot of really sweet tips and tricks for you to read . 
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