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10 INSANE AI Apps You NEED to TRY!



AI is undoubtedly one of the biggest buzzwords of the year . But in all honesty , it has been around way longer than you might realize with stacks of the apps and software we all use already utilizing the feature , some of which have been doing so for years at this point . And so I thought it’d be fun to put together a list of 10 incredible apps that rely on AI nine out of the 10 apps on this list are available for both Android and IOS .

And whilst there is one Android exclusive app , I will provide a similar IOS alternative , which should keep those of you using an iPhone relatively happy . But with that being said , let’s dive straight on it .




We have an incredible A I image generator called Starry AI . This is an app that lets you create pretty impressive artworks in one simple step . And it comes with five free daily credits to get you started , which is cool .


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Then all you do is select your image style Te or Aon , then type a prompt like mesmerizing planets surrounding earth . Then you can add any styles that you like of which there are heaps to choose from .And once you’re happy with the settings you hit , create the app will then notify you once the artwork is finished or you can even watch the creation process in real time . And for how easy the setup and prompt process was , the end results are really impressive .




One of my all time favorite A I based apps that has been around for a few years now is called Moises . This app essentially scans any song you upload to it and then using some really impressive A I wizardry will then isolate each of the main instrument stems and separate them into isolated tracks .


This means you can then either solo or mute just the vocals or the drum track , for example , or adjust the volume of whichever tracks you like . And what is so impressive or perhaps scary about this is that this whole process isn’t really possible at all without the use of A I regardless . It is a seriously impressive app that is absolutely worth trying out following .


Otter Voice Notes


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That is Otter voice notes . And this is an app that has been featured on the channel a couple of times over the past few years , but it has been using AI long before it had blown up in the mainstream . So as the name indicates , what makes Otter unique as a note taking app is that it actually utilizes voice transcripts to create notes and the AI behind it all is what makes these notes accurate .


So thanks to AI , it’s able to add punctuation paragraph breaks , speaker identification , word , cloud generation plus automated note summaries . It works incredibly well and is seriously perfect for taking notes during those times that you need to remain focused .




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Dina , on the other hand , is a weather app , but it utilizes AI in such a clever way that it just had to be featured on this list . Essentially , Dena uses deep learning neural networks and AI to recommend the right clothes for you to wear at the right time . And depending on the weather , it’s such a useful and well executed concept .Plus , it has a really clean and minimal U I and design to go with .


Now , this is the one Android exclusive app . So it’s not available on the app store , but another somewhat similar personalized style weather app for IOS users is called Brell Up . So I’ll make sure to include a link to that one down below as well . And then there’s Snipped and this is probably my favorite podcasting app of all time in terms of design .But then it also uses A I to make it even more impressive .




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So here on the main screen , you get what’s called the for you page and this presents you with short sub five minute highlights from popular podcasts and presents them in this tiktok like feed . But here’s the cool part , all of these summaries have been created using AI and from there , you can then tap to pause and play content .


You can even see real-time captions which are also generated via AI and you can even jump straight to that section in the full podcast episode , which is seriously useful . And there is a very good chance that an app with features as complex as Snipd has could well fall flat on its face in terms of execution . But that is not at all the case with this app . In fact , I’d go as far as to say that the team behind Snipd has executed it to near perfection . 
Alright , before we press on , just wanted to take a moment to thank today’s video sponsor Pulse Way . And if you’re in it and you’re not yet using Pulse Way , then you’re definitely missing out .




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And that’s because it is an it monitoring and management platform that gives its users the power to access any system device from any location , making it super easy to address issues quickly and with minimal hassle .


So with pulse way , you can remote into any system to access files and applications , you can of course then patch any issues or run automations or you can even just monitor CPU usage if you like .But here’s the kicker , you can do all of this and more straight from your smartphone .
And what’s great is that it was actually built with a mobile first design and this makes it a fantastic tool for getting work done at any time and in any location , meaning you can spend less time at the office and more time living your best life . But the best part is that you can try it completely for free , no commitments whatsoever .




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From there we have Taskade another app that’s been featured a number of times on the channel now , but it’s been getting a bunch of updates lately , adding in a heap of A I based tools , all of which will level up your writing experience .Now , first and foremost , this is a real time organization and collaboration tool similar to platforms like notion or Slack or even Microsoft teams .But then as mentioned , it recently added in a bunch of AI BASED tools to make it even more powerful . So there’s the new inbuilt chat tool as well as the A I based expand rewrite and summarize tools and it’s all powered by open AI is GPT four API and ChatGPT itself .


Microsoft Math Solver


Now important to note that some of these new tools only work with the desktop or browser versions . But regardless , it’s still a fantastic tool and application that has just been made all the more impressive .And then another A I based app worth mentioning here is Microsoft math solver as the name .


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So helpfully indicates this is a super powerful app that uses A I to help you solve complex mathematical equations .You can either draw your equations using your phone screen or type them in as well .But even better yet is that you can actually take photos of your hand written work .
But regardless of which method you use , the phone will instantly go to work in solving the equations you throw at it and it does all of this plus more using AI . But let’s say you’re more into plants than math .




Well , PictureThis . This is a fantastic A I based app that you are no doubt gonna love you .Essentially use your phone’s camera to scan any plants that you like .And then using A I technology , the app will analyze that image and then not only attempt to tell you exactly what sort of plant it is , but it’ll also auto detect any potential problems with that plant and provide you with solutions on how to treat them .


And yes , I know you can analyze and detect plants using Google lens , but Google Lens does not help with providing you with specific care and disease treatment advice and it certainly doesn’t have as nice an interface for plant specific information compared to picture this .




Alright , second to last , today is ClipDrop and this is an A I powered photo cleanup application with a super unique trick up at sleep . So yes , you can use the app to remove people , text or other unwanted objects from the pictures stored on your phone , which is cool in and of itself . But get this , you can use my all time favorite feature called clip and drop to take a picture of an object on your phone and then transfer it seamlessly straight to your computer with the background removed , seriously impressive and incredibly useful .




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And so finally , today , we have colorize a powerful AI based photo restoration application . Put simply this app will take any black and white photo and instantly colorize it . And thanks to AI , the end results are surprisingly accurate and are achieved in crazy quick time as well .I kind of just love taking color images , making them black and white using editing and then sending those into color eyes just to compare the results .
But you can clearly also use the app for more meaningful photo restoration jobs as well . And so there you have it 10 incredibly impressive A I BASED applications that I think are seriously worth checking out .
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