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This AI Tool Creates Videos in Seconds! (No Editing)



So I just use a new tool to create the video that you’re watching entirely with A I the entire script , the music , the video , editing the clips , all A I and watch until the end of the video where I’ll be sharing four steps of how to use this tool and how to make money with it .You gotta just press record. Artificial intelligence has seen a meteoric rise in recent years permeating various facets of our lives , including the way we create and consume content. It’s no longer just about humans creating for humans . Now we have A I creating for humans too .


So the video you just saw was entirely created using one A I tool called in video A I which I recently just found and it blew me away . It can take any prompt and turn it into a faceless youtube video in minutes with a human sounding voice over , engaging script and super relevant footage . And the folks at in video were kind enough to sponsor this video . So let me show how I use this tool in four easy steps .


Step 1


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Step one smart prompts in the in video A I software create better results . So when I first started out , it took me about six tries to get the hang of the software .But once I dialed it in , it completely blew me away . You could tell it to create a recent events video with a Wikipedia link or a news article .So I linked up the YouTube culture and trends report for this year which actually revealed that there have been over 1.7 billion views already for AI generative tools .But all I did was just put that link into the AI tool and it generated the script entirely on its own .


The YouTube culture and trends report too sheds light on this growing trend .It reveals that a staggering 60% of respondents are open to watching content generated by AI and 52% have watched a virtual youtuber in the past year . But what does this mean for traditional content creators and viewers ? You haven’t hit the like button on this video yet ?You should because this is insane . Step , two small adjustments , improve the video .


Step 2


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So after I linked the article , I selected a middle aged British female voice , which in my opinion , sounds amazing . The question is , how will we harmonize this new voice with our own ? And I should note that I’m using the max plan which unlocks premium voice quality and then I selected the audience and you can select the look in the feel .So I chose professional and then finally , you can select the intended final platform for the video .


So I chose YouTube click continue and then seriously it’s like magic . It just makes the entire video for you . And again , if you want to try this out for free , just use the link in the description . And in a second , I wanna show you another clip that I made with in video AI but let’s hit step number three which is add your human touch to the final video . So once the final video is done , maybe you wanna switch out some of the clips that are inside of the edit .So there are two ways to fine tune and replace the placeholder clips with your own . One is to search the in video stock library itself .


Step 3


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There’s a lot of great footage in there for free , but this also gives people the chance to pay for premium stock footage and get access to over 8 million clips from sources like Shutterstock and iStock that would cost you hundreds of dollars if you were to purchase the clips separately . But the other way to fine tune the clips is to just upload your own . And so the video you just saw , it was actually a combination of both .
Now , before I tell you about the clips that I added to my video , let’s quickly talk about the edit command box because in video A I completely makes your video for you with no video editing once you see the final version , you might wonder , well , how can I switch things up ? How can I make changes ? How can I make edits ?
The edit command box allows you to use natural language prompts to make adjustments to your video . For example , you might say lower the volume , make it more fast paced , modify the script or change the music to something more upbeat or dramatic . Then it just updates the video for you .


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It’s ridiculous take for example , a fan made A I trailer for a Faux Star Wars episode titled the Galactic menagerie that surfaced on YouTube . This trailer created entirely by A I garnered over half a million views . A testament to the potential of AI in content creation or consider the case of French telecommunications company Orange , which used deep fake technology to challenge gender bias in a soccer ad .


This ad which superimposed male players faces and bodies onto female players gained close to 5 million views on YouTube highlighting the power of A I to generate thought provoking content . But one of the things you probably noticed in my video was that there were shots of Casey Neistat and Elon Musk and low Mia and that AI Star Wars commercial and the soccer commercial like all those clips were in there . And so what I actually did was I went and got those clips off the internet and then just use the replace clips feature to make the video a whole another level .


video content Image generated by Wilowrid


Now you may be wondering , is it OK to use footage from other people’s videos ? And for the answer to that question , I encourage you to just research fair use law or just subscribe to this channel because we have videos that will help being uploaded soon . Now we got to hit step number four in just a second .


But the cool thing is this tool just launched and it’s already crazy powerful , but there’s gonna a lot of updates to it as it continues to evolve and grow and video is gonna be adding new features that allow you to tweak the music , the voice overs do different things with subtitles . But one of the things I’m most excited about is the ability to export the final product from the AI into in videos video editor timeline , which essentially means that you’ll have unlimited flexibility and customization after the AI has done all the heavy lifting .


So I encourage you subscribe to in videos YouTube channel that are popping out a lot of cool content over there . And we’ll always be sharing the latest updates and cool news , but let’s hit step number four which is tap into the YouTube automation movement and start earning passive income .


Step 4

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So by now , you’ve probably heard about the big trend of how people are earning passive income around the world doing YouTube automation. Some people call them faceless channels , some people call them cash cow channels and really it’s not easy , but it is a legit business . And I could see how A I tools like this one are going to get a new generation of content creators started and help the pros evolve even faster . And in just a second , I want to show you a channel that’s earning thousands of dollars a year with faceless content. But I think we need to address the elephant in the room .


Some people are concerned that tools like this are gonna lead to just a bunch of copy and paste content on YouTube that’s gonna lower the quality and just make YouTube more crowded . And I can understand that perspective. But from my point of view , a tool like in video A I is really just a copilot for creators that are willing to still put in the work of learning marketing of learning how YouTube works of learning psychology and of learning strategy .

Example AI Video


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It’s not a get rich quick tool for lazy people , but it is a crazy power tool to help you create engaging videos faster , freeing up your time to focus on doing the research , to focus on strategy and to focus on writing creative prompts that get results from the AI .


For example , here’s another video that I created using in video A I .And what I did was I imagined a faith based channel that doesn’t show my face , that doesn’t my voice .And that shares inspirational Bible verses .And so I gave it a prompt and I said , create a YouTube short with three Bible verses for Fear and Anxiety .


Here’s a little snippet .Here are three Bible verses that will strengthen you when facing fear and anxiety .Joshua one verse nine says , have I not commanded you be strong and courageous , do not be afraid , do not be discouraged for the Lord , your God will be with you wherever you go .Pretty impressive .This is something that would be meaningful for me and something that actually could be very profitable .


Earn Income on YouTube


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If you do your research , you can discover channels like peaceful scriptures online , which is earning up to $30,000 per year . All stock footage , peaceful music and a voice over . What this tells me is that A I is leveling the playing field for creators and the possibilities are truly endless and a lot of people don’t know this , but your channel doesn’t even have to be monetized to start earning money .
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